Rise of Kossuth

A plan forms as Nethril Rises

As Azura Thrul and her party were healing and preparing to fight the second wave of the undead army, something realm shattering happened. The Second Cataclysm! The sky appears to tear open, releasing a great light and power. Practically blinding her, she felt the sand rise up around her and the gut instinct that what had just unfolded meant certain death. Grabbing her nearest companions, Merrick and Grayson, Azura used her gem of teleportation to escape to the Temple of Kossuth at Trail’s End. There she spent five days in a fever like state of pain.

When the burning finally subsides in her eyes, Azure comes to with a clear mind. She summons Brian, the leader of her church, for answers. Brian tells her that Grayson and Merrick have survived but that they have not heard from the rest of her party. Brian tells her she has been repeating the name of town, Skuld, in her crazed state. Azura asks if Gerrard Orrane has come to see her and is disappointed to find out he has not.

Being back home, Azura visits her red dragon, Salvatore. She bring him a “Happy Elf Meal” and watches the dragon eat in his confined space. She realizes that stunting his growth will never do. She opens her tower to the sky to free Salvatore. In their parting words, Azura tells Salvatore she thinks of him as a friend and ally, but that she will not think twice about killing him if he ever became an enemy. She reminds him, it is for reasons like this, that he loves her. Salvatore spreads his great wings over the icy land of Damara and flies free.

Azura gathers Merrick and Grayson and go to the Bauhaus inn. On their way there, the line to pull Kossuth’s Sword, Devil’s Tongue, from the Stone is unavoidable as it is vast. Azura goes to the people and makes a speech that stirs them and invigorates the flame in all of them. They start a soft chant, “Azura! Azura!” which grows into a rally that wakes the town. For all her years of battle, this is the first moment Azura had ever truly felt victorious. In good spirits, the party continue to the inn. There she speaks with the propieter, Avriel. Avriel tells her there has been no sign of her other companions and that the great rift in the sky is the Rebirth of Netheril. Azura remembers stories of Carcus who became so powerful he wanted to become a god and in doing so created a tear in the weave when killing Mystral. This event would have to be caused by another tear in the wear. Visions of Adia flash in Azura’s mind and she is disturbed. Azura asks Avriel if one of her portals can take her to Skuld. Avriel tells her there is a portal in the underdark and that she will give Azura a guide to get there. She makes plans to depart as soon an acceptable party is formed.

That night, Lord Soth returns to Azura’s bedside and she is relived to have his presence back. He seems somehow changed as he betrays a slight hint of emotion. Suddenly her ideas of abandoning hope of a lasting relationship with the death knigh vanish and the hope of one renews itself. As she closes her eyes to sleep, with the comfort knowing Soth is back, she has a dream of a man with flaming eyes atop a temple in Skuld. Azura makes up her mind that she is to travel to Skuld. If it is a trap, let them see her wrath and if it is a sign, let it be done.

Azura visits Gerrard Orrane who has been hiding out in the castle. Gerrard is furious that he was unable to pull Kossuth’s sword, Devil’s Tongue, and be Azura’s guardian. Azura gets angry as she offered Gerrard the sword herself and he turned her down in front of the whole town! The tension between these two is high. They have traveled together for a long time and reminse about their first meeting. Neither one of them willing to make the first step, the moment passes without action. Azura bids Gerrard to her rooms at the Temple where she gifts him Banzar’s Sword. She chooses him and yet he ignores her advances. Eventually, Gerarrd makes it quite clear that he will not touch Azura until he is ready. Azura storms off in a rage.

Gerrard’s slight settles the fact that he is not going on the party’s next mission. She tells Merrick and Grayson that they leave for Skuld as soon as she finds an acceptable fighter and cleric to join the group.


An acceptable Fighter and Cleric you say?……..

A plan forms as Nethril Rises

Do you ever think we will be able to find a fighter and cleric worthy of our cause?

A plan forms as Nethril Rises

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