Azura Thrul

Grab your gods and pray, we're gonna burn this world today.


Neutral Evil Human Warmage / Shadow Servant


Early History:

My life has centered around Thay since the moment I was conceived. If you know anything about Thay, you will know my father. I was born in the dungeons of the Red Wizard’s keep. My mother is inconsequential but I shall tell you of my birth. I was born to a high cleric of Kossuth. My mother had no intention of keeping me, as a pregnancy would make her weak and a babe was nothing more than a bump in her road to power. She had no idea my father foresaw of her pregnancy and had every intention of keeping the baby he made. When my conception was confirmed, my father had my mother imprisoned to ensure nothing would happen to his child. My father (once you hear his name you will understand) has a relationship Kossuth and this was all preconceived. I was born in the dungeons of Thay and from what I am told, the birth was unpleasant. From there, my mother’s tale end. I have no idea what became of her and it doesn’t matter, she served her purpose. Now we shall speak of my father. My father is Aznar Thul, one of the eight Zulkir of the Red Wizards of Thay. From the moment I was born, he saw the fire in my eyes, the glimmer of magic and power. He did not baulk at me being a female, as women have certain powers no man can obtain. From the moment I was able to sit, I was introduced to magic. Magic was power and power was all we are meant to achieve. I saw taught there is no greater might than magic. I witnessed battles where the magic was thrown as easily as a pebble. I appreciated what I saw, but also saw something my father did not intend, the greatness of warriors. Yes, magic is power but so brute strength. The first time I was ever beaten to the point of unconsciousness was when my father caught me casting a spell in leather armor. He told me I was an abomination to magic. I was too great a prize to be tossed away, for if I was any other I would have been put to death for the insult I gave to wizards. The memory of those Zulkir who smirked at that first beating still burns in my head. That is not the end of my flirtation with armor and weapons. As I said before, I am a woman and have powers men do not. So I traded my body for lessons at weaponry and armor. My teachers knew to be caught would be certain death but I am not one to be dissuaded so easily. So my secret lessons continued as I grew in prowess of hurling my spells while donning armor. I would be the epitome of might on the battle field. I was naive. To think my father did not know of my secret lessons was as foolish as believing I would readily accepted as a mage wearing armor in Thay. My father knew the whole time, of course he did. But he was intrigued. Power is power and he saw that burning in me, waiting for the proper kindling. He killed all those who helped me on my path to becoming a warmage. Made me watch as those I had grown fond of were tortured with his cruelest spells. And next, next it was my turn. My punishment for disobeying my father was being cast out of Thay. I am to abandon my father’s name and learn the road to power without his name behind me. He told me he would see me again. That I would be welcomed back to his fold when I either decided to put down my armor and embrace the Red Wizardry. Or when I could prove my power, perhaps by killing the leader of the Zulkir, he suggested. We would rule Thay together as father and daughter. I have no intention of putting down my armor, for now. I was conceived to wield power. That is my destiny and I will see if fulfilled, no matter the cost.

Azura Thrul

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