Rise of Kossuth

The Second Cataclysm!

A Synopsis of Recent Events

**What was happening?

In the West:
The Circle of Strength has pledged loyalty and fights for the new King of Faerun, Derek Crownguard. 15 territories have signed into law as members of “The Western Nations”. They include: The Sword Coast North, The Sword Coast, The Western Heartlands, Cormyr, Amn, Tethyr, Calimshan, Dragon Coast, Sembia, Moonsea, Vilhon Reach, Lake of Steam, The Shining Plains, Hlondeth, and the Silver Marches. This new alliance posses a great threat to the Thayan Empire.

In the East:
Lord Gellar and The Thayan Empire have not expanded its boundaries, mostly due to the cold lands organizing under Queen Rose and creating “The Ice Kingdom”. She has traveled to Waterdeep to get “acquainted” with the new King. In her absence, General Gerrard stands watch as regent until her return. The death of Aznar Thrul and the rise in power of the church of Kossuth has put the Red Wizards in the inevitable position to break a long standing tradition and grant red robe membership to a non-wizard for the first time in history.

An enormous explosion rips open Toril, raining volcanic rock and lava down upon the Continents of Kara-Tur and Zakhara, destroying their lands and killing all sea life in the regions with boiling water. Faerun does not escape unscathed as the Shining South is burned to the ground. Only the Gold Dwarves in the Great Rift survive, protected by their mountainous land. This powerful event is unlike anything seen since the Cataclysm. The Knights of the Eternal Dragon and the Everlasting Wyrm are destroyed by a tear in the Weave. When the blast hits, Azura manages to teleport Grayson, Merrick and herself to safety. After days of no communication, Azura fears that all others in the battle are lost.

The land of Anauroch is upended, unearthed, and destroyed, along with a portion of the Underdark, as the great Empire of Netheril rises where it once stood 1600 years ago!


Mother fucker. Wow!

The Second Cataclysm!

I know I should say more but this turn of events is crazy! I’ve got to let it all digest.

The Second Cataclysm!

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