Devil's Tongue

This falchion’s blade and pommel is composed of solid silver (a silver-tongued devil!) and is perfectly crafted in every way. The sword is enchanted and is unbreakable (other than the possibility of destruction by another Legacy Weapon). The two-handed grip is wrapped with the hide of its very first victim, a unicorn.


Nonlegacy Game Statistics: +1 falchion; cost 5,000 gp (or 50,000 sp, if you prefer!)

Omen: The hilt of the sword will burn the hand of anyone who attempts to hold it that is not the sword’s rightful owner. The heat is magical and will burn, regardless of the hand’s protection (glove, gauntlet, magic ring, etc.). Also, when the sword is not lit, the shadow that it casts is an image of sword engulfed in flames.


“Devil’s Tongue” was crafted nearly 1000 years ago for the fire god Kossuth by a Devil Forgemaster in the Nine Hells. It was meant to represent a common respect of fire between the Nine Hells and Kossuth’s elemental plane.

About 100 years ago, Kossuth began to take an interest in the escalation of dedicated followers he had on Toril, especially on the continent of Faerun. Kossuth decided to award “Devil’s Tongue” to a cunning and charismatic tiefling named Herzgo Alegni. Kossuth made the young Alegni his Chosen, to represent him and defend his faith and name on Toril. The arrogant and power hungry tiefling had other ideas and ambitions, however. The Church of Kossuth saw him as a champion of their faith and he played this role in convincing fashion. Instead of fighting in the name of Kossuth though, he secretly fought in the name of “Herzgo Alegni” and became something of a self-proclaimed Demigod.

Years later while captaining a ship in the Sea of Fallen Stars, Herzgo Alegni took on an elf lover by the name of Kiana Seabreeze. Herzgo saw in her many of his own qualities. She was a fierce, arrogant, and charismatic individual with strong ambitions. What he didn’t see was that she was also playing another role, just like him. Kiana was secretly the Chosen of Umberlee. Unlike him, however, she followed her god’s instructions to perfection and with unwavering loyalty.

After an evening of drink and love-making, Kiana drugged Herzgo with the narcotic “black root”. She managed to steal “Devil’s Tongue” and used a teleportation scroll to return to her church with it. The “Ankh of Umberlee” she wore slowly managed to heal the intense burns she received from her brief time holding “Devil’s Tongue”. The next night, in the Church of Umberlee, on the banks of the Lake of Steam, clerics would perform a ritual to remove the magical properties of “Devil’s Tongue”.

Prior to that ritual, a Delzoun dwarf named Roxx Firebeard, a Kossuth worshiper and the most talented blacksmith of his race, was called by Kossuth to the church. Roxx was given instructions to murder Kiana, steal the sword back, and bring it to the silver mines in the legendary Gauntlgrym. That evening, Roxx attempted to steal “Devil’s Tongue” from the catacombs of the church when he was comfronted by Kiana. After a long exchange of terrible blows, Roxx dealt a death blow to Kiana with the sword and burned her to ashes, barely escaping with “Devil’s Tongue”. When he reached the silver mines, Roxx stumbled upon upon the fabled “Eternal Forge Fire”. Unaware that the forge was recently discovered by a group of assassins, Roxx was attacked there and murdered by Herzgo Alegni and his associate, Barrabus the Gray. Their companions, the beautiful dark-elf Dahlia Sin’felle and her vampire lover, Korvin Dor’Crae were then double-crossed by Alegni and Barrabus, with Dor’Crae presumably left to perish within the forge and Dahlia was left forced to fight the two traitors alone. Dahlia fought long and hard but eventually tired and was slain by Gray’s assassin dagger, believed to be a Legacy Weapon itself. After the carnage, Kossuth denounced Alegni as his Chosen and reclaimed his sword. The Fire Lord then stated that the punishment for crossing him would be dealt by the sword’s next owner and left Alegni wondering who it was and when his fate would be dealt. Herzgo Alegni and Barrabus the Gray escaped Gauntlgrym and their current whereabouts is unknown.

Level HP Loss Abilities
7th 1 +1 Unholy Greatsword
8th 1 Eyes of Kossuth (Darkvision)
9th –
10th 2 +2 Unholy Greatsword
11th 2 Breath of Kossuth (Pyrotechnics – Smoke Cloud)
12th –
13th 3 +3 Unholy Greatsword
14th 3 Companion of Kossuth (Calls “Nightmare” as warhorse)
15th -
16th 4 +4 Unholy Greatsword
17th 4 Soul of Kossuth (soul bind – once per month)
18th –
19th 5 +5 Unholy Greatsword
20th 5 Wrath of Kossuth (Meteor Swarm – once per week)

Three rituals are required to unlock all the abilities of Devil’s Tongue.

Burning Down the House

You must recover the “Ankh of Umberlee” from the catacombs beneath Umberlee’s Church near the Lake of Steam. Once in your possession, you are required to burn down the church in the name of Kossuth.

Ashes to Ashes

You must defeat Alegni with “Devil’s Tongue” and then enslave his soul within the blade.

Fire in the Hole

Destroy Kiana’s Ankh with lava. You are required to enter “The Arnrock” in the Lake of Steam, find the volcanic rifts at the cauldron’s heart, and submerge Kiana’s Ankh in the magma.

Fighter or Blackguard
Must have base attack bonus of +7
Any evil alignment

All the following are legacy item abilities of Devils Tongue.

Eyes of Kossuth: At level 8, the wielder of Devil’s Tongue has Darkvision. They can see in complete darkness up to 60 feet. Darkvision is black and white only, but is otherwise like normal sight. Breath of Kossuth: At level 11, once per day you can cast Pyrotechnics (smoke cloud) as a spell. The smoke is a writhing stream of smoke billowing from Devil’s Tongue and forming a choking cloud (20’ radius for 4 rounds, -4 to STR and DEX). All sight, including Darkvision, is ineffective through the cloud. Companion of Kossuth: At level 14, you gain the use of a Nightmare (Large Outsider) as a steed (See page 194 of the Monster Manual). If it is killed, you cannot summon another Nightmare for 1 year. Soul of Kossuth: Once per month, you can cast Soul Bind on a creature that is killed while using Devil’s Tongue. The soul of that creature is then imprisoned within its blade. Only the destruction of Devil’s Tongue will release the soul (the former victim still remains dead, however). Will negates (DC 25). Wrath of Kossuth: Once per week, you may cast Meteor Swarm as a spell.

Devil's Tongue

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