Young red dragon, son of the mighty Ember


Salvatore is son to the great red dragon, Ember. He is a mighty dragon for his young age. Salvatore was freed from the effretti, Banzar, by Azura Thrul and was brought to live with her in Trail’s End at her Temple of Kossuth. Azura made a crows nest out of the tower next to her bedroom and paid Salvatore special attention. She would bring him “Happy Elf Meals” and speak to him often. She eventually let Salvatore guard her great treasure hoard, which made the greedy dragon quite happy.

Recently, Azura set Salvatore free. She brought him one last elf before opening the tower to the sky. In their parting words, Azura told Salvatore she thinks of him as a friend and ally, but that she would not think twice about killing him if he ever became an enemy. She reminded him, it is for reasons like that, that he loves her. Azura has not seen or heard from Salvatore since.



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