Rise of Kossuth

I live.....again.....

Could it be? It has been so long since the biological need to breathe, sleep, and eat had bound me to the mortal coil. Life fills me again. I remember the rift in the sky….the Weave of Magic..tearing. I should have been destroyed. I should be free.

The reality of the situation hits me hard as Keera stands before me…she has resurrected me through the power of KOSSUTH!!! …she has changed, however. She has her head back..which is good..but there is something else about her…something that someone withOUT their V-card would know what to do with in a flash…but not I. I’m just shy and uncomfortable with my feelings….which I don’t understand….or know how to deal with.

There will be time for that later perhaps, as I am filled with the desire to reclaim the sword that was gifted to me by my God Kossuth, and take back my rightful place by Azura Thrull’s side as she continues her conquest. She will rule, and I will have a hand in delivering her to that power.

-Vicros Vaul


You’re totally going to need some practice pulling out swords.

I live.....again.....

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